duminică, 13 iunie 2010

The Romanian MEP Monica Macovei sent a letter to the Romanian Minister of Health Cseke Attila, regarding HIV treatment stock outs

Monica Luisa Macovei,

Euopean Parliament, Member

To : Cseke Attila, Minister of Health,


8th of June, 2010

I am writing to you in regard to the critical situation that a few thousand HIV positive people in Romania find themselves due to the lack of ARV treatment, as i understand from the messages of the coalition of NGOs that represent or offer services to people living with HIV/AIDS. I am attaching the open letter the coalition has addressed to the Romanian authorities on the 15th of April, 2010, to this message.

Interrupting the provision of ARV treatment puts the lives of people living with HIV at risk and leads to the development of resistance to treatment, resistance that will keep patients from getting back on treatment at the moment-an unpredictable one-when the Romanian government will provide ARV treatment again.

Stopping the ARV treatment leads to the development of side effects in patients, contrary to the art.3 in the European Convention for human rights protection of not being tortured or inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment, or even art.2 of the Convention regarding the right to life.

The organisations who have already appealead to the Romanian authorities have offered concrete solutions regrading the aquisition of ARV treatment, in order to resolve the situation.

Please inform me of the necessary steps you have taken for a rapid resolution of this situation, and also of the planned out measures and dialogue with the representatives of the people living with HIV/AIDS and the non governmental organisations activating in this area.


Monica Macovei

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