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Trei mari coalitii spaniole ce activeaza in domeniul HIV/SIDA sustin pacientii romani ramasi fara tratament

Coaliţiile RED2002, CESIDA şi FUNSIDA, din care fac parte peste 100 de organizatii au trimis o scrisoare deschisa catre Ministrul Spaniol al Afacerilor Externe, Ambasadorul Romaniei in Spania, CEDO, DG SANCO si Presedintele Romaniei Traian Basescu.

Gasiti mai jos una dintre variantele personalizate ale scrisorii, in limba engleza, care il are ca destinatar pe Miguel Ángel Moratinos Cuyaubé, Ministrul Spaniol al Afacerilor Externe.

Mr Miguel Ángel Moratinos Cuyaubé

Barcelona 13th of May 2010

Dear Mr. Minister:

We write to you, regarding the alarming information we have received, through different international civil organizations, about the lack of guarantee of supply and access to antiretroviral (ARV) treatment, for the people affected by HIV in Romania, member country of the EU.

The scientific evidence, indicates the interruption on ARV therapy may cause drug resistance, putting the people with HIV into a health risk and life threaten situation.

According to the information of the local organizations: Sens Pozitiv and Aras, there are currently seven thousand people in Romania, not receiving adequate treatment over a month ago, and they even point out that the queues in the hospitals, are increasing every day, because of the need to get the treatments. As you may realize, we are facing an event that attempts on the public health and the human rights.

For the above reasons, the coordinating platforms of Spanish civil organizations, undersigning this document 1 , ask earnestly for to the Spanish government that, as UE on duty Presidency, considers and poses our worry to the rest of the UE country members, in order to ask from the Romanian government, a fast response in the interest of the people living with HIV, given that the situation does not improve, and the thousands of affected people need urgently the provision of ARV.

Likewise, we would like to ask for his intercession for the following:

  • We ask from the Romanian government that, it takes the necessary measures to immediately provide ARV treatment to all the affected people who need it.
  • We ask from the Romanian government that, in order to get this purpose, it dialogues with the pharmaceutical companies to get better prices in the ARV, having recourse to the principles of the Bremen initiative (13/03/2007), of which is signatory.
  • We demand that, the economic crises excuse, does not put under risk the life of the people.
  • We ask from the Romanian government, to provide a detailed report, to the EC, about its plan to follow in order to finish with this situation, and guarantee the adequate care and attention to the people living with HIV.

Thanking you for your attention, we look forward to hearing from you

Judith Beltrán de Otaola Ruiz
de Azúa
Presidenta Fundación del Movimiento Ciudadano Antisida (FUNSIDA)

Udiárraga García Uribe
Presidenta Coordinadora Estatal vih-sida (CESIDA)

Julio César Gómez Caballero
Presidente Red Comunitaria sobre el vih/sida en el Estado español (RED2002

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