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ROMANIA - HIV/AIDS patients remain without drugs

Medicines for HIV / AIDS patients in Romania have been used in more than 15 counties and the rest of the country will complete inventories in this week, according to representatives of the National Union of Organizations of Persons Affected by HIV / AIDS (UNOPA) on Tuesday.

“Underfunding treatment program, with more than one month delay of funds, purchasing procedures very difficult, lack of accountability to patients, led to the biggest crisis of treatment for these patients in the last eight years. Continuity of treatment is vital for HIV/AIDS people; the discontinuation of treatment means the lost of opportunity of years from a life however shortened by disease”, say the UNOPA representatives.

UNOPA show in a press release that HIV+ patients are again in position to stop treatment because the National Health Insurance House (CNAS) has released the tabs on the 2010 budget for all national programs on May 14, although these documents had to leave since March. "For this money, the hospitals are expected to tender procedure, therefore have no way to get drugs to patients until at least three weeks, and all reserves of the hospitals are exhausted this week," say representatives of the Union.
Currently over 1000 patients have no antiretroviral therapy and the remaining 6,000 patients taking it will stop soon, say UNOPA representatives.

The UNOPA representatives met Wednesday with the CNAS President Nicolae Lucian Duta, requiring urgent solutions for patients who have no treatment. "It was discussed that the money now earmarked for 2010 all fails for a maximum four months, practically financed about 60% of the required budget. CNAS President could not provide an answer to the question about what will happen over four months, telling us that all other national programs are in the same situation", say UNOPA representatives.
Districts where patients reported discontinuation are: Arad, Timis, Hunedoara, Sibiu, Brasov, Mures, Dolj, Olt, Valcea, Argeş, Prahova, Suceava, Neamt, Vrancea and Bucharest.


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